Brazil expanding trade with Europe.
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Brazil expanding trade with Europe.

Brazil expanding trade with Europe.

Lula receives president of the European Economic and Social Committee

Oliver Röpke is in Brazil as part of the close cooperation between the Committee and Brazil’s Council for Sustainable Economic Social Development, and of the resumption of the EU-Brazil Round Table.

On Wednesday morning, April 10th, Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva welcomed Oliver Röpke, the president of the European Economic and Social Committee, along with the European Union ambassador to Brazil, Marian Schuegraf. Alexandre Padilha, the chief minister of Brazil’s Institutional Relations Secretariat (Secretaria de Relações Institucionais), was also present at the meeting.

Röpke’s visit to Brazil is part of the ongoing collaboration between the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and Brazil’s Council for Sustainable Economic and Social Development (Conselho de Desenvolvimento Econômico Social Sustentável/CDESS), established in 2003. Additionally, discussions included the revival of the EU-Brazil Round Table, serving as a platform for continuous dialogue between the two entities.

Great Efforts to Expand to with more European Countries:

Röpke extended congratulations to President Lula for his steadfast commitment to defending democracy against political extremism, addressing poverty, and combating deforestation during his tenure. They also commended President Lula’s efforts to champion these causes on the global stage during Brazil’s presidency of the G20. Notably, both leaders share a history of advocating for labor rights and have been active participants in the trade union movement.

The discussion delved into Brazil’s significant potential for renewable energy production and the imperative of transitioning towards sustainable energy sources. Both Brazil and the EU expressed mutual interest in strengthening civil society’s involvement in advancing socio-environmental agendas. The European delegation highlighted recent initiatives like the “Union with Municipalities to Reduce Deforestation and Forest Fires in the Amazon” program launched on April 9th as illustrative of this shared commitment.

President Lula emphasized the vital role of municipalities in promoting the sustainable development of the Amazon, emphasizing the importance of generating employment opportunities that demonstrate the value of preserving the rainforest. He also underscored Brazil’s commitment to conservation efforts, mentioning the imminent approval of six new indigenous lands. Moreover, Lula and Röpke concurred on the necessity of reforming global governance structures across political, financial, and environmental spheres. Lula further highlighted the urgency of addressing the imbalance between wealth concentration in developed nations and the crippling debts burdening the world’s poorest countries, advocating for debt-to-investment conversions to drive progress in critical areas like infrastructure, education, and poverty alleviation.

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