Frozen Pork Sternum Bone

Frozen Pork Sternum Bone

Part – Frozen Pork Sternum Bone

Loading – Cartons,  MT, Container

Shelf Life : 24 months

Origin – Brazil


Brazil Frozen Pork Sternum Bone Exporter

Frozen pork sternum bone from Brazil represents a unique and valuable product in the international meat trade. While not as commonly consumed as other pork cuts, sternum bones are highly regarded in culinary traditions around the world for their rich flavor and versatility in cooking. Brazil’s extensive experience in pork production, coupled with rigorous quality control standards, ensures that frozen pork sternum bones meet the highest standards of safety, hygiene, and taste, making them a sought-after commodity in global markets.

Premium Frozen Pork Sternum Bone for export.

The preparation of frozen pork sternum bones for export begins with the careful selection of pigs and meticulous processing to clean and prepare the bones. Once cleaned, the sternum bones undergo thorough inspection to ensure they meet the stringent quality requirements set by international regulations. Advanced freezing techniques are then employed to preserve the natural flavor. Also texture, and nutritional integrity of the bones during transportation. Brazil’s efficient cold chain logistics further guarantee the quality and freshness of frozen pork sternum bones upon arrival at their destination. Whether used in traditional dishes or innovative culinary creations. Also Brazilian frozen pork sternum bones offer a flavorful and reliable ingredient for chefs, restaurants, and food manufacturers worldwide.

Brazil’s No. 1 exporter of Frozen Pork Sternum Bone. Our advanced production facilities are ISO certified. Our main goal is to remain the top supplier in providing healthy Frozen Pork, Chicken and Beef in promoting health globally.

A) Quality Frozen Pork Sternum Bone:

Grade : AAAA
Part : Pork Sternum Bone
Freezing Process : BQF (Block Quick Frozen)

100% Organic Food
Fresh and frozen

Wholesale suppliers and bulk exporters of Frozen Pork cuts. Our advanced production facilities are ISO-certified and can be sourced from qualified B2B suppliers.

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